Construction Manager

The right direction for any job

Our extensive qualifications have enabled us to fill the role of Construction Manager At-Risk (CMAR) time after time, bringing years of expertise to constructability review, value engineering, and cost & contingency estimates in the early stages of the project — as well as providing leadership, management, supervision, and coordination throughout the building phase.

As Construction Manager, S&S Builders, LLC always strives to understand the Owner’s vision and budget for the project from the beginning of the process. We believe in a firmly collaborative approach that bridges communication gaps and streamlines project planning.Our subcontractor prequalification process screens for skill, staff availability, and liquidity, to assure that the work performed will be of high quality, be completed on time, and will have a low risk of liens on the property due to non-payment of materials or labor.

The S&S Difference

We believe a job should be done right the first time, every time.

As Master Contractors, we bring to the table an extensive understanding of everything required for a successful project, addition, remodel, or expansion, and remain committed to protecting the outcome from start to finish. That’s the benefit of working with a team that owns every step.

Our promise to our clients

Your success is our success.

At S&S Builders, LLC, we hold ourselves to a high and proven standard of excellence, backed by our industry expertise and dedication to detail. We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation and our track record of achieving great results. No matter the project, we’re committed to building it better with you.


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