From The Mouth Of Our Clients

S&S Builders, LLC prides itself with a long list of reviews for our quality and service.  This is what people are saying about us.


Great Western Autoplex

"I wanted you to know that I was completely satisfied with the dealership your company designed and built. Having been involved with several design-build projects in different areas, your straight talk approach, on time completion and quality workmanship was a superior performance. Bruce (your designer) showed his skills in not only a unique building design, but was communicating with me continuously throughout the project. To summarize my experience with your company, I got more than I expected."  -- Rodney L. Griffin / Griffin Family, LLC


Western Plains Machinery Co.

"Bruce and the rest of the crew were great to work with on the construction of our new facility in Gillette. The project came together very nicely and we are very pleased with the building. It was a pleasure to work with a great builder like your company on the project. Thanks so very much." -- Mike G. Matz


David A. Beck, M.D.

"This is just a brief note to say "Thanks" for all your hard work on getting our medical office building completed "on-time"! It is beautiful! When the project began I have to admit I was very nervous when I heard the horror Stories that people had of building projects in Gillette. Obviously they had the wrong builder. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail of our building. I was very impressed at the time line completion and your ability to stay within budget and with the very few problems that arose. I am very excited about and looking forward to our next project."  -- David A. Beck, M.D.

Michael B Enzi - United States Senator

"I was so pleased to hear that S&S Builders had recently been honored with one of the Public Works Project of the Year Awards at the 2004 Northeast Wyoming Contractors Association Awards Banquet. Congratulations! This recognition represents the culmination of a great deal of hard work and determined effort. It is truly and greatly deserved. In reading the report that detailed your efforts I could not help but wonder how much better the world would be if we all worked as hard as you did. You are truly one of Wyoming's special corporate citizens. Your hard work exemplifies the "can do" spirit of the West."

Tim Gentleman - Simon Contractors

"In the past 10 years we have worked with and for S&S Builders, LLC on several projects in the state of Wyoming. We have found their organization to be most professional in both their approach to work done in the field as well as in management completed in the office. Projects were completed according to specifications and within the time constraints required.  We will continue to look forward to working with and for S&S LLC on future projects."

Dennis Griess Cheyenne Parks and Recreation

"The Cheyenne Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to provide this letter regarding our experience with S&S Builders. We have worked with S&S on a number of projects in recent years. S&S has consistently performed in a timely and professional manner on all of our projects. In each project, we have seen our expectations met and we will be certain to include S&S for notification of upcoming bids on future projects. In addition to the comments above, I wish to indicate that S&S has proved to be a quality contractor with a mind set to do excellent work while maintaining good communication with the project owner. Our experience has been positive from project start up to processing of complex paperwork and billing. S&S has shown commitment to working through any concerns with the best interests of the project in mind."

Stephen F. Sasser - Building Systems, Inc.

"Caspar Building Systems, Inc. has worked with S&S Builders, LLC on many projects with them serving as a subcontractor. In fact, our relationship spans many years. All work performed by S&S Builders, LLC has and still is done as specified and as scheduled. Their scope of work on projects is completed in a professional manner and well-manned. We have never had a complaint from our personnel or any of the other subcontractors regarding their performance. Our experience with their management, office, shop and field personnel has been outstanding. They run a first-class operation.  We will always welcome S&S Builders, LLC on future projects. We consider them a major asset on any project team. If you have any questions or need additional information, please do hesitate to call me."

Donald W. Parker M.D. & Catherine L. Parker

"It has been our pleasure to work with Mr. Bruce Fuller and Mr. Ron Stoughton on two very important projects. On the first, our house in Gillette, Mr. Fuller was retained as our architect, and Mr. Stoughton with S&S Builders. The second was a design and build medical office and surgery center that Mr. Fuller and Mr. Stoughton of S&S Builders were again retained for their services. Ron and Bruce bring with them honesty, integrity, along with skills and knowledge to create a beautiful home, or a very workable surgical center. Both projects were finished on time and within budget. It has been our pleasure to have worked with them over the years and we highly recommend them for any project. We will use them again for our future building needs."

Toby Marshall, M.D. - OBGYN Specialists

"We are very pleased with our new building. S&S Builders were excellent to work with and helped us realize our goals with the design of the building. We are getting rave reviews from our patients as they come in to see the new facility. Thank you, Bruce and all the crew at S&S Builders!"

Ed Sencabaugh - City Engineer, Cheyenne, WY

"I wish to express my thanks for the fast and efficient manner in which you resolved my personal dilemma while endeavoring to install the new cedar picket replacement fence on Education Drive in as straight a line as possible under existing conditions. S&S Builders expedited and resolved my problem with efficiency beyond compare. Working with you folks, I now can fully understand why the end result of Education Drive/Manewal Section of Greenway Project has been so successful. This is a much appreciated addition to our neighborhood and to the city of Cheyenne."

Edward S. Scott - Consolidated Engineers, INC

"The construction on this phase of the project is complete and I find that the work went extremely well. The finished product is up to your usual high standard of quality. I appreciate the cooperation we received from your staff and from your sub-contractors to complete the project on time and within budget. This phase of the overall project will contribute to the success of the 4J Road Extension, which will be a valuable asset to the community."

Todd Gentzler - North Platte Physical Therapy

"Thank you so much for doing such a great job on our building! We at North Platte Physical Therapy are so very impressed with the overall quality of work, design and also with the follow-up. Our new 9,000 sq. ft. facility is state of the art and still the rave with all of our clients. It is also built to efficiency which actually enables us to provide better service to the community of Gillette. I also appreciated the rapid correspondence during the building project so questions could be answered and problems prevented. The project was started and completed in a very timely manner, from the design with the engineers to the final walk-through. Thanks again for doing such a great job. S&S Builders provide excellent quality service. We will continue to recommend S&S Builders in the future."

Michael Pfaffenhauser - General Services

"On behalf of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) section of General Services Division, we would like to express the section's "thanks" for the very professional manner in which your firm carried out you duties and responsibilities during our recent renovation of the State Capitol Building ADA Project. We have worked with S&S Builders along with on-site supervisors in three major projects dating back to 2000. The most challenging project involved the construction of two glass enclosures that included controlled entry systems, ramp and handrail features and lighting systems which was required to meet strict standards due to the historic significance of our State Capitol Building. The interest your firm and capable staff showed in working with other project partners including the State of Wyoming, consultant and sub contractors was a great asset in completing the project on budget, on time and with minimal deficiency follow up. It is with pleasure that I am able to inform you that your firm has established a significant rapport in our division and further that we feel very comfortable in recommending your firm for other construction projects in not only this division but other state agencies as well. We would not hesitate in selecting S&S Builders for future projects, large or small. We wish you and your firm every success in future endeavors."

Greg Hanson - Plains Tire Co. Of Wyoming

"After careful consideration we selected S&S Builders of Gillette as our contractor for our new Plains Tire and Service Center. We are very pleased with the completed project. S&S was very helpful and easy to work with through the entire process. Bruce Fuller was especially helpful and accommodating. I had the opportunity to work one on one with him during the final phases of the project. With any project of this magnitude problems will arise but S&S went above and beyond with us to resolve any issues as they came up. In the future we will definitely consider S&S Builders for future stores we build in the state of Wyoming and they will be given top consideration as a result of the work they did for us. I would recommend them for any project large or small."

Rick Potter - Cheyenne Division Manager

"S&S Builders Project Improves Drainage on I-25 S&S Builders won a contract to improve drainage on a section of I-25 south of Central Avenue on ramp in Cheyenne. The Section of road was so flat that during any accumulation of rain, the water would pool across both north and south bound lanes. It created a section of roadway for 200 plus feet where vehicles could hydroplane and lose control. The project called for constructing drains on the inside lanes and tying them into ten inch drain pipe that would carry water away from the road surface. In order to accomplish this, inside lanes of the interstate had to be closed off to traffic and a trench dug to place the drains and drain pipe. This was a relatively straight forward job with one exception, how to keep the drain pipe at the proper elevation to flow the water while the trench was being filled. S&S Builders decided to use slurry fill for the pipe to eliminate getting compaction in such a small work area. But pouring the slurry caused the pipe to float like a balloon, displacing it. We decided to use a design method using Angle irons that were anchored into the concrete on the sides of the trench. Then we secured the drain pipe to the Angle iron with "come alongs" so the pipe could not move during the backfill. This guarded against the pipe floating while the trench was filled."

Sherry L. McGrath - Broker/Owner

"I am very happy to recommend S&S Builders for any future projects based on the quality an professionalism in the construction of my new office that was completed in the year 2001. Having worked with S&S Builders, LLC, in the construction of residential properties, I was aware of the quality of the product they built, however I had never dealt with them on a commercial project. The project was completed according to specifications and in the time period set forth. I had determined a proposed budget for the total cost of the building. S&S Builders worked diligently to stay within that budget, yet provide a quality product. I believe the building is an asset to the neighborhood, as well as a building that I am very proud of as an owner. I would be more than happy to visit with anyone who has questions regarding their quality, professionalism or service. I would highly recommend S&S Builders and would not hesitate to use their services again."