Design Build

Design-Build is a comprehensive process in which the contractor assembles a Team of architects, engineers and subcontractors to meet the building owner's requirements. The process allows the owner to be involved from the beginning and allows all ideas to be generated in a cooperative approach which will ensure the final project meets all of the owner's needs. After the team completes the design phase, the Contractor provides a Guaranteed Maximum Price, to build the project as designed.

When an owner selects the Design-Build delivery system for their project, all parties involved are able to focus on the project with an emphasis on constructability, scheduling and quality. The owner saves time and money by dealing with a single source for all project-related matters, instead of meeting separately with an architect, a contractor, an engineer and subcontractors. This allows the project to be completed in less time because design, permitting and sometimes construction can overlap each other in what is known as "fast tracking".

The contractor's involvement in managing the team from conception ensures that constructability, and cost control is managed throughout the design and bidding phases. The team concept brings plans and specifications to completion with minimal changes during construction, ultimately cutting down on materials costs, and scheduling conflicts while simultaneously allowing for system compatibility.

Our years of experience working in a team has resulted in projects with few or no change orders, or other delaying surprises during construction. We are able to save the owners money on a project through good planning and communication, and the professional fees are kept to a minimum.

S&S Builders, LLC, has been performing Design-Build services since 1995 and we have built a very good team. It was built through a long process of careful selection to ensure the best possible product. S&S Builders, LLC is very proud of our Design-Build Team and we are ready to put them to work on your next project.