Management At-Risk (CMAR)

Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR) is a delivery system in which the Owner selects a contractor to be the Construction Manager At-Risk, (CMAR) based on qualifications rather than low bid, to work collaboratively with the Owner’s Architect. The Architect and his team are responsible for the design process, however, the Construction Manager has a responsibility through the process to provide constructability review, value engineering and cost estimates. Before the design documents are fully completed, the CMAR At-Risk provides a guaranteed maximum price which includes a contingency fund built-in to cover costs that may arise in the construction of the project and based on the CMAR’s understanding of the uncompleted drawings.

If the guaranteed maximum price is accepted a construction contract is issued. The CMAR is responsible for advertising and bidding all subcontracted work. S &S Builders, LLC, as a CMAR, prequalifies subcontractors to bid portions of the project. Our prequalification process screens for qualifications, staff availability, and liquidity to assure that the work performed will be of high quality, be completed on time, and will have a low risk of liens on the property due to non-payment of materials or labor.

The CMAR provides construction leadership, contract management, supervision, scheduling and coordination throughout the building phase.

Involving the Construction Manager from the beginning of the process helps them to understand the Owner’s vision and budget for the project. This collaborative approach bridges the gap of communication issues or misunderstandings and streamlines the project planning process which saves time and money.